Monday, December 19, 2011

New Blog

Hey guys! As you can see, my blog is dead. Don't know what's happening and I'm not going to revive it. I'm now blogging in another site. ( Link me! :)

Although I'm not using this blog anymore, I'll still keep this as Tumblr only allows me to follow friends who are using tumblr. So, this blog is important for me to update your recent story. And I love to read YOUR BLOG.

Do blog more often and keep in touch! *peaceeee* ^^

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've painted my nails in pink on Tuesday for the Biological Week CSI event.

Feel so 'miang' with that nail colour. Hahaha.

Will update my blog soon regarding the Biological Week. The line is Kampar is really slow that it takes a few minutes just to upload a photo. I'm not patient enough to wait! LOL~

So stay tune!

p/s: Had double heart attack today. (1 pop quiz & the fermentation quiz)

Monday, June 27, 2011



*凯雯 & 韵环*

我把它挂在utar lanyard上,天天都带它上学。嘻嘻~

在上Organizational Behavior的tutorial时,凯雯叫我看素怡。猜猜她在干嘛?



我也不懂那根筋不对了。在讨论答案时,老师说"rely on social support".

我就对凯雯说: "repeat"
凯雯: "rely on social support"
凯雯:"rely on social support"
我:"repeat" (用手假装调音量--大声到小声)
凯雯:"RELY ON social support"


*头上的头饰其实是抗爱滋的symbol. 我太有创意了吧? ^^

太好(第四声)玩了~ 一点儿也不像 year 3 的学生。
是时候收敛一点了~ 哈哈哈~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bao's Birthday ♥

Celebrated Bao Ling's belated birthday on last Saturday night.

Too free to camwhore while waiting for Suet Teng to come.
Teeheeee :)))

*I know my editing skill sucks!

Happy birthday Bao Ling! ^^

Love this picture very much!

H@ppy F@mily~ ^^

It would be great if we can celebrate each other's birthday every year. :)

Friendship forever and happy belated birthday, bao ling!

Friday, June 17, 2011


FYP Project.
I got it! Teeheeee :))))
The feeling was so great as if an orphan is being adopted!

And you can see the changes of my feeling in these 2 weeks.

Which title to choose? =(

Chose the title. But what am I supposed to do with the title?

Waiting to be called up for the interview

Yes! I got it! ^^

I chose Dr Wong's titles as my first and second choice. For my first choice, Dr Wong told me that quite a number of students chose it too. Furthermore last year seniors have already worked on it. Is this the reason he don't give me my first choice? Anyhow, I got my second choice which is quite interesting as well! I'm satisfied with it! =)

Molecular Cloning of effector gene AvrPto from Pseudomonas Syringae

In the first meeting, Dr. Wong gave me a pretty good impression. He is such a nice supervisor that he explained the project to me patiently instead of throwing me questions regarding the project. At least he gave me a brief idea of what am I supposed to do. XD Sooner or later, he'll send me some journals too. How good is him!

Gonna search for journals whenever I'm free. Must work hard and score well for my FYP!

All the best in this final year, my dear coursemates! ^^

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Baskin Robbin's 31~

Went JJ with my coursemates today. They found dried ice in the paper bag. And so, they started to carry out an experiment on the spot.

*Placed the dried ice in the cup and poured water.*

Science students. LOL!

Look at the effect! Ha!

Planned to watch Kungfu Panda at 2pm. But the tickets were sold out. So no choice. We watched the later session, which is at 4.50pm.

How to pass our free time?

Yo! Camwhore la! What else? We got accessories summore! *proud*

Cupcake-making session at the groundfloor. Only kindergarten students were allowed to take part. Sobbb.

Never mind. I spotted some free cakes. Makan! Wheeeee~


I think someone loves me? *wink* Hahahahaha!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


♫ ♪ Early morning She wakes up

Knock knock knock on the door

(Simply sing. Hahahaha!)

This morning mom went out without buying me breakfast.

And so, I cooked myself a pasta. ^^

Put in the only type of mushroom that mom bought.

It doesn't look good but it tastes good! Hahahaha!

Will cook more often. Don't wanna waste the noodles and paste! Hehe